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Shockwave Therapy

Full details on Shockwave Therapy Visit: ShockwaveDoctor.com

The shockwave treatments are performed using a state-of-the art, high-energy system called the Ossa Tron, the first device developed specifically for ESWT.

This device gererates electrohydraulic shockwaves— which are short sound waves with extremely high energy – within a fluid-filled assembly, directing them to a soft plastic head.

  • The assembly is positioned with the head, in contact with the skin, aimed precisely at the targeted area. Controls are set to focus the shockwave so that they travel through the skin and tissue without damaging it – releasing their maximum energy deep inside the tissue, right at the painful spot that needs treatment.

  • The energy of the shockwaves delivers a “micro-trauma” to the targeted spot that literally shocks the body into healing. The body responds by addressing the damage and inflammation at the source of the chronic pain, starting with the construction of new blood vessels.

  • Stimulated and reinvigorated, the body’s self-healing processes complete the repair and rebuilding. New, healthy tissue develops, restoring function and reducing or eliminating pain in areas that were formerly afflicted by severe inflammation by microscopically-torn fibers or other seemingly irreparable damage.

  • As healing progresses, the body is able to break down and absorb calcific deposits.

  • The pressure exerted on the tissue during shockwave treatment also has a direct and primary analgesic effect, in addition to stimulating long-term healing.

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